Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to be "into" yoga or hypnobirthing already?

Well, if you are considering my classes, thats as much as you need to be "into" yoga or hypnobirthing. You don't have to worry about being super flexible or able to do poses. The type of pregnancy yoga we practice is very adaptable to each woman and not competitive at all, it is all about discovering your own body and finding your own comfort. And similarly you don't have to worry about your susceptibility for being hypnotised, it is really not relevant for the exercises on deep relaxation.

  • Is it going to be a lot of Sanskrit terms or a promotion of a particular philosophy?

Not really, I might sometimes use the Sanskrit name for a pose as it is the language of yoga, just like french is the language of ballet, but rarely. And in terms of philosophy, probably the only philosophy in my classes are to promote health and relaxation and women's empowerment, while respecting everyone and have a bit of fun, that's all. 

  • Are your classes for natural birth only? 

After teaching NCT classes for ten years I have learned that we never know what type of birth women might have but also that women's bodies are capable of more that what we give ourselves the credit for. So, the classes will support all women and their circumstances and yoga can always be of benefit in many ways by providing relaxation and breathing techniques, pelvic floor awareness, meeting other mothers, and many more.

  • Can I come along at any stage? Am I too early? too late for it?

I welcome you to our practice from 14 weeks gestation onwards and it is never too late, yoga it is always beneficial to the body and mind. But please let me know of any conditions or aches before the class so I can adapt to your needs accordingly.

  • What do I have to bring to the class?

Depending on the venue we might have more or less props, so I always ask to bring your own mat, a cushion, and a blanket or towel. Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and maybe some light snack or fruit as you might get hungry. Do email me if you are not sure.

  • What do I wear?

Whatever you like that allows movement easily and without constrictions, tracksuit bottoms, yoga pants, leggings, t-shirts...

  • Are you insured?



  • Can I come without a partner?

Of course, and you can also come with a friend, your sister or your mum, or anyone you want with you at the classes.


  • What type of yoga and hypnobirthing do you practice? 

In the class we follow the teachings of Francoise Freedman who founded Birthlight, she is an anthropologist at Cambridge University who learned various practices from the Peruvian Amazonian midwives while she was pregnant and combined it with her knowledge of therapeutic Yoga to create Birthlight classes. The name refers to "birth lightly" and also to the light that comes with birth. I love that because in my natal Spanish one way of saying to give birth is Dar a luz, which could be loosely translated into "give to light". Birthlight practices are based on the female pregnant body and they are flexible, relaxed and supportive. I trained years ago in hypnobirthing with Katharine Graves, but I have also read of different approaches, specially Marie Mongan who was the creator of the method. 

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