The only antenatal workshop you will need.

Over the years in my regular classes I have learned that couples often book both NCT and NHS antenatal classes, hypnobirthing workshops and pregnancy yoga sessions. They realise that a lot of the basic information may be repeated in those and some of the techniques might feel a little contradictory.

3Colours is the only antenatal preparation that combines all of those different approaches. 

With a strong antenatal basis to suit the whole group and a distinct focus in building a network of friends for life, I also use the principles of hypnobirthing while practicing relaxation positions from a yoga perspective. In addition I aim to conduct all that from a feminist frame of empowerment and acknowledgement of women's rights. 


My classes are always relaxed, fun, informative and non judgemental. I have taught more than 6000 couples in London over ten years and this course is the result of everything I have learned in assisting couples achieve a positive, empowered and confident birth experience. 

The classes are offered in different locations in East and West Dulwich.

What to expect from the classes?

3Colours classes are taught in a positive and relaxed manner taking into consideration all abilities and any possible limitations of each woman. They are facilitated in a empowering and informative way by a highly experienced teacher incorporating a wealth of evidence and knowledge from her antenatal, hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and birth doula backgrounds. 

We will explore all of these approaches through both group and couples work.


Groups are always kept to a certain size (8 couples maximum) to ensure all women are properly supported and to stimulate and nurture the friendships that grow from the sessions.

About me

Who am I?

I am the one in the middle of the picture. My name is Jesusa Ricoy, but all my groups call me Susa. 

I have been working in all aspects of womanhood and birth for over ten years. My primary focus has been as an antenatal teacher for the NCT, but I’ve also supported dozens of births as a doula, created an international birth rights movement, written a book about birth in the movies, lectured at many conferences about birth and feminism, but perhaps most importantly I am also the mother to three children. 


If you would like to know more please click here.


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